sharing all the amazing love i've received about how i've touched other's lives. <3

from the moment i first saw ashley her energy drew me right to her. she had this gentle calmness to her that was so real and inviting. that was almost five years ago and i am lucky enough to still have this gem in my life guiding me in ways only a soul such as hers could do. ashley has a sense of appreciation for everything in life, she takes the time to enjoy the blue skies, watch the sunset and listen to the laugh of her beautiful babies. as a free spirit ashley has taught me so much about self-care and making the best everyday choices for my body and my life. she is so passionate about finding peace and living freely. any problem i come to her with she will help find a solution, and if it is not something she is familiar with she will take the time to learn it and give honest insight. as she embarks on this journey to help others find their peace I feel so happy to know that others will be touched by her beautiful soul and knack to make you feel inspired, comfortable in your own skin and appreciate yourself for the wonderful being that you are.
— amy rios | full-time, working momma of two
it is always a pleasure when you can walk away from a conversation feeling inspired, regenerated, and ultimately moved. this has always been my experience when talking with ash. she is incredibly down-to-earth and a radiant example of kindness, strength, and selflessness. ash is the embodiment of a tenacious mama, a caring friend who is so inspirational…plus, she’s just plain fun! i count every conversation with her as a privilege because of the valuable perspectives she always offers. your knowledge and energy will shift on so many different levels from professionally, to family, and even personally after working with ash! her winning smile, infectious laugh, and her incredible excitement about conquering challenges are the exact ingredients that encouragement is made of. she has a way of making you feel so comfortable when talking to her and i am ecstatic to not only be a friend, but a lifelong customer!
— sheri hood-wright | full-time, work from home momma of two
to say ashley has awakened my spirit is an understatement. her inspiring wisdom and uplifting vibe has moved me to work towards my own freedom and rebirth. maybe it isn’t truly a rebirth but a discovering of who i have always been, which is why i feel ashley is the perfect one to guide me. i have always felt connected to her, it’s not a coincidence that all moons aligned and brought her back into my life. i’m thankful for her grace, love, and freedom. i look forward to her continued guidance and inspiration.
— lindsey montgomery | full-time, working momma of two
ashley changed my life with her intuitive, kind, and compassionate heart. through her loving nature and insightful coaching, she’s opened my eyes, my heart, and my spirit to finding and speaking my authentic truth. she inspires me daily as a woman and mother through her beautiful soul.

ashley has a dynamic skill set and her talents shine through in everything she does including yoga, making malas, mentoring other women, being an amazing mother to her beautiful daughters, and being an incredible woman and friend. she just gets women and their struggles through motherhood. her sincere love and investment in supporting and lifting other mamas up is truly what makes her unique and a much needed light in this world.
— ashley dodd | full-time, mom-preneur of five