let's start simple mommas. . .

let's start by taking baby steps to get those feet moving back in the direction of your lite.           here are some 'easy to apply' ways to bring some lite into your messy mommin' monotony!


good reads

click here to grab a list of some of my most favorite books. these are the books that started me down this path and i really feel like they can help you too!


*note: the link above connects you to our amazon affiliate store, which means to liv your lite makes a small commission on anything you purchase. thank you!! 

good tunes

here are some of my favorite jams to bring me back into that high vibe state! whenever i need a little pick me up, i blast some music and DANCE! i just let go and let my body move and flow as it desires and let me tell you, it feels so so GOOD! or when i'm working out, these beats keep me going! or sometimes i just need to tap out for a little bit and chill with these sounds. try them out for yourself!

good vibes

take five minutes to yourself momma! use this super short meditation to bring you back into your lite like [finger snap] that! i love it and use it when i need a quick breather. like a 'lock yourself in the bathroom' for a few minutes type of breather. :)