your journey to connecting your self, soul & society

this program will get you started on the right foot towards self, soul and society connection. not only will you be provided all the tools you need to get your vessel [ body ] healthy & joyful, and your soul nourished, but you'll also become part of the sisterhood society.

you'll start to feel so damn good as you create new habits that feed your mind, body & soul and transform yourself on SO MANY levels! it's magic watching all three sides of the triangle start to connect together!

here's all that's included : 

▼ access to hundreds of world-class workouts - over 2000 workouts to be exact (including yoga, cardio, dancing, weights, EVERYTHING). think netflix of fitness! you also get fitness guides & calendars too!

▼ access to fitness & nutrition experts along with awesome meal plans, recipes & lists! it doesn't have to be so hard, momma!

▼ access to our private and ‘safe place’ group on facebook! our collective of girls work on COMPLETE health & wellness from the INSIDE-OUT! not just physical but mental, emotional & spiritual too!

▼ access to ME and a bunch of other coaches & mommas just like you! i'll be checking in with you to make sure we’re keepin’ it real!

▼ access to our monthly virtual bootcamp where there is a new theme every month relating to holistic health & wellness. you learn about fulfilling & inspiring topics such as self-love/self-care/self-discovery, the chakras, manifesting, mindset, meditation & tons more. these challenges are empowering, engaging and damn do they keep you accountable! 

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let's ignite that fire in you babe! i know it's burnin' HOT & ready to be set free!!

fill out this quick form below and we'll chat about your current lifestyle, goals and struggles. that way we can design the perfect program to fit into YOUR everyday so you can crush life!

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