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we, as moms, are the lifeblood of our homes. we are such a critical element of our home's ecosystem and we are so crucial to keeping a level of homeostasis. and it is because of this vital role we play in our little worlds, that also gives us the massive power of influence to create a balanced lifestyle for our families, mold their mindsets and to form and develop new norms. [ just to name a few! ]

and there are many, many, maaaaany things we can do to create a more balanced, peaceful and loving environment for our families. one huge thing we can do is increase the vibrational frequency within our homes. and that starts with us, my friends! you! and me! we! the mommas! and to make you feel even more powerful, speaking on a much larger scale, when we shift the vibration of our little worlds, our families will take those high vibes out into the bigger world! and spread those high vibes around like wildflower seeds!! and when they do that, they will start impacting other's lives and in turn, weeee start to create a ripple effect in the world!!! this is how radical shifts happen on a massive level! high fives for momma powers! 

so let's start with ourselves and move outward to the home and family. self-care and self-love isn't aaaaactually just about caring for ourselves [ which is totally the easiest to neglect ], it's about keeping the collective "we", in a fully functioning flow. and this is because of what i said earlier...we, mommas, are the oil to the machine! we need to be in a peaceful place of purpose & presence to keep our machines [ our families ] operating on all cylinders. so don't for one second, think that taking care of YOU should be the last thing on your to-do-list. it is the priority!!! <3

so now that all that stuff is out of the way, let's talk about how we can walk together and work together. there's no one size fits all when it comes to the support we need along our journey. i'm all about meeting you where you are, and supplying you with the guidance and tools you need to help you best navigate life at this moment in time. that being said, below are a few paths for you to choose from. see what feels good to you!

and no matter if you're a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, a work-from-home mom, a "mom-preneur" [ whatever you are, none of those things define you btw ] i will meet you where you're at, grab your hand and we'll figure it out together! i have played all those roles at one time or another so i can relate to it all! i've got the tools and resources to help allllll the mommas! 

If you're unsure what would be best for you, scroll all the way down and let's schedule a "get to know each other" call. it's free! : )

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one-on-one mentoring

if you're looking for that friend to grab your hand and walk beside you to help steer you down a path to more purpose, presence and peace, this is the option for you! each journey is as unique as this package would be. especially tailored to you. i would be so honored to hold this space for you! <3


group coaching

are you ready to learn the secret to a figuring shit out? well guess what momma... it starts with YOU! i know that's mind blowing for us dedicated wives & moms, but it's gotta start with you taking care of you first. fill yourself up first. fill yourself up so much that you're overflowing with goodness and love! that shit will spill out into your homelife, worklife, communitylife, you get the point!


momma mindset mini series

this three week email series is for those mommas who are looking for some quick and easy-to-incorporate, ways of shifting your mindset to get you in to that higher vibe place where you can thrive!



let's chat and see if we're a good match

if you're unsure if i'd be a good match to guide you to reignite your lite, let's schedule a 30 minute call and we can discuss where you're at and what seems like the best path for you!

it's free momma! <3


thanks for holding my hand as we walk this road together! : )